On everyday basis for the previous 2 years till today, we still obtain emails from readers asking us regarding basically the very same thing– Celine Mini or Micro Luggage cost and stock. I love my Celine Mini Luggage to the maximum. I assume its traditional yet edgy contour will consistently give that kick or punch and resists over-seriousness that bags like Hermes Birkin lug. I am proud to share that I are among the very early adopters just before the bag hit its “It” status. The issue with too many folks out there is that they only began to adore the bag once it is getting too costly and as well difficult to obtain. At one fact of time in year 2011, Purseholic had three Mini sitting in our stock for 2 months and nobody wished them. In 2012, we had a Micro resting with us for over a week too. Where were the people who assert so desperately wish the bag now at that time? In Europe, it is virtually difficult to get a Luggage now. Price starts from EUR1,700 for a common Mini but expect to pay method more with resellers that need to get various other things like clothes or devices to obtain one for you.

As much as I enjoy the Celine Luggage bags, I would actually advise those that are still looking for to seriously consider worthwhile options to the bag now– the RL Soft Ricky and the Hermes Toolbox. While not exactly direct competitors to the Celine Luggage, these two designs are merely equally outstanding with the alternative of having their wings spread out.

The RL Soft Ricky, is IMO, one of one of the most underrated bags available now. It is available in several appealing colour choices, made totally in Italy of leather and is a more functional bag compared with the Celine Luggage. Cost in US is USD2,500, which is USD200 less in comparison to the Celine Mini Luggage in United States (USD2,700).

The Hermes Toolbox is, on the various other hand, took into consideration an upgrade from the Celine Luggage. It has actually become one of Hermes’ most cherished bags in the previous few years and many people hardly ever wore them with the wings spread, until now. The Toolbox is a financial investment grade bag that deserves buying when you have the methods to. The Toolbox26 in UltraViolet Swift on the image over just gotten to Purseholic Shoppe stock for SGD9,300.

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hermes birkin bag

The Hermes Birkin is pertained to by lots as THE supreme bag yet the truth that the Hermes Haut à Courroies (HAC) is definitely the original bag the Birkin was designed based upon, is not a know-how largely understood by many. Looking practically precisely identical as the Birkin yet with shorter deals with and taller physical body, the HAC is nowadays more seldom discovered compared with the Birkin itself.

One of our good friends bought his HAC40 2 years back and is now thinking about permitting it go to our readers at a deal cost. The bag is still in spotless health condition with all edges well looked after. The HAC40 is certainly best as city bag for you which are blessed with specific elevations (170cm and above) or as a weekender. With its well-known layout and attractive yet timeless color Rouge Venetian, the bag is a classic, meant to be kept permanently.


Like Chanel bags, Hermes birkin bag are still crafted by hand item by piece therefore there are perpetually inadequate stocks to explore fulfilling the overwhelming demand from vacationers seeing Paris nowadays. Having mentioned that, admittedly, it never ever actually took 4 years to land a Birkin. If that definitely taken place to you, it was simply Hermes method of claiming that you were not that crucial to them yet. The brand-new policy this year, nevertheless is both good and bad. One person is qualified just to two bags a year– any type of bag and a Birkin or Kelly, if the store takes place to have one in stock. Customarily, nevertheless, the guideline is versatile to customers that spend on other things such as scarves, devices, home products and RTW. If you occur not to be among those customers, next time you are in Hermes, do not be shy to request a Birkin or Kelly immediately. There are a few happy clients I recognize which did ask and got a bag right away. The part that I do not like concerning this brand-new plan is its limitation on the various other bags.

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Prada Motif Bags

Prada handbag

Complying with up Prada Hotel 2014 advertising campaign, where you can discover photos that are fired in a room packed with lusting accessories from the latest collection, highlighting the flower printed dress, purses and bags.

Pop of shades and mysterious blooms could be located in the Prada‘s most recent prints, featuring black ramage theme and chalk white with vine theme. Decorated in totes and shoulder bags, featuring the newest version of the Galleria line.

Darker shades have actually been used to make it simple and easy and to match your wintertime designs like your hair coat. Bags are a fundamental part of your everyday style styles, the prints will certainly include a spirited and interested tone to your outfit. And if you are an imaginative style enthusiast which really likes wearing bags that are a little various than your close friends, experiment with the theme versions.

Slide through the display to view the entire collection:.

Prada Black Ramage Motif Tote: EUR2.100 EUR.
Prada Black Ramage Shoulder Bag: EUR1.900 EUR.
Prada Black Ramage Clutch Bag: EUR950 EUR.
Prada Vine Motif Top Handle: EUR1.650 EUR.
Prada Vine Motif Tote: EUR1.750 EUR.
Prada Vine Motif Top Handle: EUR1.450 EUR.

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2014 Prada Saffiano Motif Print Leather Bag

Pradaoutlet PradaoutletPradaoutlet Pradaoutlet

Prada is the undisputed master of minimalism in fashion. Armani, Jil Sander or Celine could have made their names or return with minimalism yet fashion would certainly have had a completely different look today must Miuccia Prada had actually not sent her trademark overlooks runway back in the 90s. Then once more, Prada is also the master of damaging her very own guidelines. After seasons of minimalism in vogue, it is time for something specified and even more vivid. The hotel 2014 collection from Prada focuses on ramage motif prints in shades that are somehow, yet not really and generally hotel or summer. Prada is plainly among my preferred designers ever before so she might never ever do any kind of wrong. However, any type of bias aside, even merely by the values of this leather items collection itself against any type of criterion, various other houses will have a hard time mesmerizing for Resort 2014. If you like the Saffiano natural leather, among these bags is the one to gather. Cost starts from EUR1,750.

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Bear in mind last year when the Prada Saffiano Lux Galleria bag was a must-have for everyone? Well at USD2,230 a pop certainly not everybody can manage to possess one yet even til now that its it standing might have faded. Still, the style of the bag is such a classic product and the double-zip design has been emulated by several other developers since.

Replica might be the greatest type of flattery but simply when the imitation is succeeded. The Ralph Lauren Lauren collection constantly makes beautiful bags at rates we always have difficult time believing in when we initially see it and its Newbury bag offered me the same hard time. Priced at USD298, the bag follows the layout of Prada Galleria closely with small information here and there being changed. At this cost, practically everybody will have the opportunity to appreciate the capability and design of the Galleria bag so precious by every person worldwide. If USD298 is still way too much for you, inspect back in a few months time because Lauren does go on sale periodically.

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New Prada Bag



Style is probably not the center attention for this new Prada Double Bag. Instead, attention to detail, material quality and functionality are and when all these three are in place, style is naturally there too. Prada seems to be upping its game when it comes to cementing its bags as classic staples instead of just seasonal trendy pieces. With this in mind, quality and craftsmanship are of utmost importance besides evergreen design. Does the new Prada Double Bag look like a classic piece material to you? Price is EUR1,800 in Italy and SGD3,940 in Singapore.

Why we want it: There’s not much that will take our laser focus off New York Fashion Week, but an alert that Prada launched a completely new bag shape caused us to stop and take notice. So, what’s different about the new Prada Double? It’s exactly what we’d want in a statement bag that we’ll take with us everywhere, every day: it’s substantial yet lightweight, and that internal divider is key to keeping contents organized. Plus, the minimal construction — hand-covered buttons and a new metal name plaque are the only additions — makes it timeless, so we can bring it in and out of our closets for years to come.

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Prince George’s Baby Kangaroo Backpack is Already Sold Out

bag01Prince George of Cambridge’s cuddly kangaroo backpack has sold-out just hours after his father Prince William debuted the item on his arrival in Sydney on Monday.
The eight-month-old bag features the Australian animal carrying a joey and now parents have gone out of their way to order the item online.
Vendors have been forced to display a ‘This product is out of stock or unavailable’ message to those hoping their tot will be as fashionable as Kate Middleton’s little boy.
Customers flocked to purchase the carrier when images emerged of the Duke and Duchess taking the tiny royal onto Wellington, New Zealand.
The frenzy to emulate George’s style comes after he starred in a new royal family picture with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, plus their dog Lupo last Sunday.
Personalised baby retailer say they sold out of pale blue jumpers this week, which retail at £25 each.3
The site shifted more than 1200 in the four days following the publication of the photo and bosses said there were a higher number of orders for ‘George’ than they would usually expect from customers.
“Personalised baby gifts have grown tremendously in popularity over the last five years and this photo certainly gives it the Royal seal of approval,” Director Daniel Price said.
“The demand took us by surprise. We weren’t expecting to see a shot with Prince George wearing a jumper with his name and our similar jumper sold out quickly. Luckily we were able to restock to fulfill orders, but it’s since sold out again.”  bag02

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